Assessment for tree risk becomes especially important when human activity is elevated in and around tree populations. Weakened, unsafe trees pose a risk of injury to passers-by. School campuses are places where human traffic comes in close proximity to or even directly underneath large, weight bearing tree branches. Environmental forces, decay, disease, and other factors all play a role in the weakening of a tree. It is virtually impossible to determine the health of a tree based on visual clues alone. Risk assessment is the primary goal when we work with educational institutions. Our secondary goal is achieving a beautiful, healthy looking outdoor setting that becomes the signature and hallmark of the institution itself.

We often work closely with landscapers and maintenance crews to ensure that the campus is safe and in the best possible condition for appropriate tree and plant health. We also oversee and provide when necessary any pruning that is required in removing branches or trees that have the potential for breakage. Our careful management ensures a safe environment for students, faculty, and all who visit the campus.

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