More than any other plant, trees have a high monetary value associated with them. Very often, we are called to determine the actual value of trees that may have been damaged by way of wrongful cutting, construction damage, automobile strikes, defects, etc. We are foremost in the industry in determining appropriate tree values and the value of loss sustained. Whenever there is a need for tree value assessment, we can assist.

Forensics is another area where we routinely use our laboratory to research and determine causal factors. When your case needs a highly specialized tree pathologist and educationally certified tree experts to investigate and provide supporting facts, we have the expertise and specialized knowledge you require. We excel in this area and have helped secure many favorable settlements and judgments.

We can provide supporting facts based on forensic tree science to aid legal cases. We apply the American Phytopathological Society principles and practices for forensic determinations. Let us help you with your tree related legal matters.

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