We are tree professionals like no one else in the region. Our desire is to help you manage and care for your trees and landscape plants. We assist you in the overall development of your property. By applying the latest scientific research to your landscape's individual needs, Dr. Marion, Tree Specialist/Pathologist, and his certified associates care for your trees and landscape to maximize the health of your outdoor living environment while saving you costs in the long run. We provide the very best possible plant care from roots to shoots.

Like you, we are saddened to see irreplaceable trees cut down and we understand the importance of your trees. Properly cared for trees add considerable monetary value to your home, and likewise, uncared for trees detract from it. We work to save you the expense of costly tree removal and tree replacement. Our goal is to aid in maintaining the value of your property by ensuring the appropriate care of your trees.

What We Do:

  • Directly treat and care for the health of trees and shrubs
  • Diagnose diseases and other plant health problems
  • Prescribe & follow through with individualized treatment
  • Provide year-round regimented greenery management
  • Construction Damage/Tree Hazard Assessment
  • Tree Value Assessment
  • We Save Trees!

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