Over the years, we have helped many large and small organizations, landscapers, and grounds managers solve tree related problems. We aid in developing site plans for the proper choice and placement of trees. Kodak, Rochester Technology Park, The Baseball Hall of Fame, US Department of the Army, Federal Veteran’s Administration, and Woodlawn Cemetery are among the organizations that we have assisted. Our expertise and diagnostics lab enable us to identify and determine the best course of action for tree health care.

We understand that the outdoor environment is important to every organization in terms of its public image. Sick, weak, and improperly placed trees surrounding a corporate campus may tell others that your company is not environmentally friendly. Let us help you promote your image and standing as a leader in this sustainable “going green” culture - we can often do so without the use of pesticides.

Tree risk assessment is an important service we provide. Maintaining a beautiful environment is desired, but safety is always first and foremost. We will help your organization accomplish both goals simultaneously. By achieving appropriate tree health, and eliminating potential risk, your company can ensure a safe work environment while also expressing the deep commitment of being ecologically friendly.

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